Order method (international shipping)

This is the first time we sell to overseas customers.

Please order after reading the following notes.

The sales list is displayed in Excel.
It will be sent to the email address provided.

Plants ship in June-July 2023

After confirming your order, we will contact you after confirming the inventory at the greenhouse.
Orders are on a first-come, first-served basis.
Your order will be confirmed after payment is completed.

Please pay within 3 days.
Payment methods are PayPal or Wise.
In the case of PayPal, an additional 4% of the total amount will be charged as a handling fee.

We only issue phytosanitary certificates.
If your country requires an import license, please email us.
We may need an import permit depending on the destination country. Please ask the plant inspection station in your country about import requirements prior to any purchases, because the requirements will vary depending on the plant and the destination.

There is no compensation for accidents during delivery.
There is no compensation even if it arrived in a bad condition.

We will look for the best shipping method, but I think it will be Fedex or EMS.

There are many things that are new to me and I am not used to it, so if you are worried about it, please do not place an order.

Thank you.